Published November 10, 2015

Fitness News: Why Morning Exercise is Awesome, Primal Workouts, + the New Superfoods


New York gets 7 new fitness studios to start the New Year 
 via well + good:
 The boutique fitness scene shows no signs of slowing down as we kick off 2013. Get ready for a high-adrenaline surge of studio openings early this year. Can you guess who's #5 on this list?

5 Reasons Why A.M. Exercise is Awesome via Self - According to researchers at the University College London, it only takes 18 days to make a habit stick. Get #UpNOut for an A.M. sweat session with these five tips.

Your Skin Problems, Solved! via Self - Whether your skin is oily, tight, shiny or super-sensitive, our friends at Self will show you how to get your gorgeous glow back.

Good Advertising Works via FitSugar - Motivational ads that get us going, are very often from out favorite fitness companies, encouraging us to stay focused & push through the pain.

Workouts Gone Primal via well + good - The trend is part of an overall shift to back-to-basics health philosophies: These include exploding modalities like HIIT; using your own body weight for strength training; and favoring functional movements, like pushing and pulling. Let's get primal!

The New Superfoods via Women's Health - These eight super foods will help fight aging, prevent cancer, boost energy and more. We're getting hungry already.