Published November 16, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About the New Fhitting Room App


Challenging workout. Easy booking.
Book your FHIX faster than ever with our new app, available for iOS + Android. You’re just a few taps away from appy... errr, happy. 

To download, search "Fhitting Room" in the App Store or Google Play and Find Your New Appy Place. 

Need help navigating your new HIT home base? We've laid out a few tips + tricks:

View your class history. 
Relive your glory days. View your entire class history in the app! To view past classes, navigate to the Profile tab and view the "Check-ins" circle at the top. Tap the circle to view details about your past classes. It may take a minute to load if you have a long history, so sit tight!



View studio schedules. 
Booking your FHIX has never been easier. Tap the Schedule tab to view our studio schedules and upcoming classes. Need to switch locations? Tap the map marker icon in the upper right-hand corner and select "View Schedule" under your preferred studio.

schedule map marker_SS     view schedule_SS 


Buy class packages.
Need to stock up on class credits? Tap the Buy tab to purchase class packages. To view package details and expiration, tap the arrow on the right-hand side of the package.

When you're ready to buy, tap the green Buy button to be taken to a secure checkout page. Here, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card info. Already have a card on file? No need to re-enter! 

buy classes_SS     IMG_1831


View your upcoming reservations.
Don't see all your upcoming classes? Don't worry. The home screen only displays your next upcoming reservation. To view all the classes you're signed up for, tap the Profile tab.

homepage_SS     90 CHECK INS


Modify or cancel a class.
We get it, things happen. If you need to cancel a class or switch your spot, tap the Profile tab. Swipe left on the class you need to modify. Click the pencil icon to switch your spot in class. Click the trash can icon to cancel your reservation. No hard feelings!

arrow_modify pencil_SS     IMG_1823


Update your credit card info.
Make buying classes seamless. To add a credit card to your account, tap the Profile tab then click the menu button in the upper right-hand corner. Click "Account Details" and scroll down to the credit card section. Click "Add One," enter your information, and click "Update".

Already have a card on file? The app may still display "No saved card on file," but no worries, the info is stored.

account details_SS     add cc_SS


Edit or remove calendar alerts. 
Getting too many calendar alerts about your upcoming FHIX? Read on to find out how to customize your Fhitting Room event reminders. 

When you reserve a spot for class on our website or app, you're sent an automated confirmation email. When you open that email, a reservation event reminder is automatically added to your calendar. If you do not wish to add the event to your calendar, you must "Decline" the invitation. Otherwise, you can "Accept" the event and it will appear on your calendar.


The first time you book or cancel a reservation via the app, you will be prompted to either allow or deny access to your calendar. 

If you allow access, any time you book a spot in class, the reservation reminder will be added to your calendar. If you decline access, the reservation event reminder will not be added to your calendar. Please note: even if you decline the app to access your calendar, because you also receive a confirmation email, the reservation reminder will be automatically added to your calendar when you open your email.

Calendar Access

If you've previously allowed alerts from our app but wish to disable them, go to the Settings on your iPhone and swipe down to the app section. Click "Fhitting Room" and turn off the "Calendars" button.

iphone settings_SS 

Seeing two events on your calendar? When you book a class via our app, you might see two calendar events for the same class. One reminder is added from the app, and the other is a tentative invite from your reservation confirmation email. The invite from the reservation confirmation email can be accepted or denied!

We're not done yet. Look forward to more improvements and updates to come!