Published May 12, 2019

Meet Our Newest FHITpro: 21 Questions with Renee Peel


Meet our newest FHITpro, Renee! Renee is a devoted mom of two who discovered her passion for fitness after giving birth to her two kids and turning to strength training post-baby. A former fashion buyer for Bergdorf Goodman, Renee switched careers to become a highly credentialed personal trainer. She encourages her clients to have fun with fitness! Learn more about Renee with her 21 Questions below.

1. First FHIX experience?
It was about two years ago when one of my besties and I decided we wanted to try something new. I fell in love with it right away! It was super challenging and got me out of my comfort zone for sure. My favorite part was the instructors. They were so knowledgeable and energetic, and I immediately felt welcomed and supported.

2. Who is your FHITspiration? 
I don’t have one specific person! I am inspired by strong people all around me every day as a coach… other coaches, friends, clients, and people I take classes with are my FHITspirations!  

3. Personal theme song? 
The Greatest by Sia. I love her songs and this one really motivates me. 

4. Celebrity doppelgänger
I don’t really see these personally, but this is what I get lately: Jillian Michaels and Maggie Siff.

5. Favorite guilty pleasure? 
Shopping 🛍

6. What is it about group fitness? 
I love the camaraderie and the energy!

7. Post-workout snack? 
Greek yogurt with berries, nuts, and a low sugar granola sprinkled on top.

8. What is your sign?  Do you read your horoscope? 
I’m such a Pisces! I don’t read my horoscope regularly, but the characteristics are so on point! I’m super emotional and wear my heart on my sleeve for sure.


9. What did you want to be when you were growing up? 
I think teacher was the first thing I ever said I wanted to be! Then I imagined I would have my own cooking show, like Rachael Ray… I always liked instructing I guess!

10. Perfect Sunday afternoon activity? 
That’s usually our day to recover and relax as a family. If chilling is an activity, that’s what I would say!

11. Best advice you ever received? 
Write down your goals and refer back to them often.

12. Most challenging exercise movement? 
For me, it would be Olympic lifts like the barbell power clean. This is something I have recently started to work on and have beeen challenged by it tremendously! It requires a ton of skill, strength, and power, and putting it all together and getting the timing right is so tough. I’ll get better at it!

13. Food you can’t live without? 
Salad! I know it’s strange, but I’m Persian and we grew up eating tons of vegetables and salad with every meal. I crave it so badly.

14. Your biggest accomplishment? 
Giving birth to my two kids!

15. Favorite sneaker brand? 

16. What’s something someone would never guess about you? 
I used to dread working out!

17. Favorite athlete? 
Derek Jeter forever.

18. What is your favorite movie? 
Clueless (no judgement) and all the Rocky movies.

19. Favorite candy? 
Mini chocolate Cadbury candy shell eggs. Addictive!

20. If you could describe yourself with 1 emoji what would it be? 

21. Go-to karaoke song? 
I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher. I seem to always want support up there!