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Published December 23, 2019

What We Love About the Holidays

From the first snowfall to classic Christmas TV specials to families and festivities, there's no denying that the holiday season is the best season for many of us.

We asked our FHITfam what they love most about the holidays, here's what they had to say:

Jason, FHITpro
Mariah Carey

mariah carey christmas

Daury, FHITpro
Instead of leaving our boys' gifts under the tree in the week leading up to the holiday, we put the gifts out on Christmas Eve. We love the looks on their faces when they see the gifts for the first time on Xmas morning.


Marie, FHITdesk
Watching scary movies with my family #familytradition.

Kari, Founder
Holiday decorations (especially white lights), holiday music (but not until after Thanksgiving), our FHITholiday party, holiday spirit and energy that can be felt as you walk down our city streets and most definitely in our studios, the generosity of others that holidays tend to bring out, and my absolute favorite thing about the holidays is that life slows down a little bit this time of year and everyone seems to spend more time connecting with those they love.

Kevin, FHITdesk
Decorations, hot chocolate and Christmas booze.

hot chocolate in a mug

Donna, FHITcrew
Baking Christmas treats and wearing warm Christmas socks.

Elizabeth, FHITbiz
Peppermint flavored everything, snow, living in a city filled with festive holiday events (ice skating at Rock Center, Bryant Park Winter Village) and of course (the obvious) being with family and friends.

Stephanie, FHITdesk
Baking entirely too many cookies with my mom and binging on Home Alone.

gingerbread man cookies

Simon, FHITpro
Mom's mac and cheese.

Ben W., FHITpro
EVERYTHING! Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations!

Charlie, FHITdesk
The first snowfall in New York City.

nyc snowfall

Mel, FHITpro
Decking the halls of my apartment, eating so much cake, and hanging out with so much family.

Kendall, FHITpro
Buying gifts for other people. Genuinely love seeing how happy my friends/family get opening presents.

Kelly, FHITdesk
Quality family time and quality couch time.

Happy holidays from our FHITfam to yours 🎉