Published November 9, 2017

Top 3 Recovery Spas in New York City


Whether you’re resting up after last weekend’s New York City Marathon or need a little TLC post-FHIX, recovery is an essential (and often neglected) part of any fitness regimen. Luckily for you, there are a variety of restorative techniques that will get you ready for another set of burpees in no time. From our favorite acupuncture spot to an upscale ice bath, keep reading to learn more about our go-to recovery methods around New York City.

Premier 57


This mega-spa in Midtown is home to a multitude of luxury treatments that promise to leave you feeling relaxed and restored. Premier 57’s diverse offerings include relaxation lounges, a meditation room, hydrotherapy pools, and customized massage treatments. The spa also boasts a variety of saunas including a gold sauna designed to promote mental clarity, a Loess Soil sauna room aimed at improving circulation, a skin-saving Far Infrared sauna, and a chromo therapy room rooted in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.

If soaking in a tub is more your speed, you will not leave disappointed. Premier 57 has single sex water lounges designed to remove impurities and promote relaxation. Heated baths are particularly beneficial for reducing exercise-induced muscle soreness, while the spa’s cold plunge baths can help tighten skin and aid in lymphatic drainage. In addition to therapeutic baths, there is a poolside aqua bar where guests can continue to unwind with a premium cocktail, beer, or glass of wine.

Interested in trying out Premier 57 for yourself? Use code “RECOVERY” for 33% off admission until 11/24/17 to get your spa FHIX. Offer must be redeemed before 3/31/18.

8 Point Wellness


Curious about all the buzz surrounding acupuncture? 8 Point Wellness introduces clients to the ancient healing method in a polished, boutique space in the heart of the Flatiron district. The practice is headed by Dr. Molly Forsyth, a licensed acupuncturist (and frequent FHIXer!) who has expertise in a variety of specialties including athletes, women’s wellness and fertility, and autoimmune disorders. If the thought of getting poked and prodded makes you squirm, don’t worry; the needles used are extremely fine and only inserted after a thorough intake interview is conducted in order to make sure that the treatments cater to your specific needs.



Have you ever seen an athlete hop into an ice bath after a grueling game? With the help of new cryotherapy treatment centers like Kryo X, you can test out the benefits of sub-freezing temperatures with expert supervision. Guests spend just 2-3 minutes in the private cryo-chambers, which dip to temperatures as low as -240 degrees. Reported benefits include renewed energy, increased range of motion, and detoxification. If you’re not ready to take the full body plunge, you can also try localized treatments for smaller areas or opt for a cryotherapy facial to tighten pores and reduce inflammation.

The next time you feel like foam-rolling isn’t cutting it, consider testing out one of these recovery methods to feel FHIX-ready fast.