Published January 7, 2016

The Complete Guide to NYC's Upper East Side


Fhitting Room PENTHOUSE Map (1)

Our East 67th Penthouse FHITfam knows where to get their FHIX outside of the Fhitting Room walls. We are talking about where they pick up their favorite smoothies, healthy snacks and sweet FHIXes!

To help you navigate our favorite spots, we teamed up with a local artist, Emily Romeyn, to illustrate our ‘hood.

Healthy Eats:
Pita Grill is FHITpros Eric and Simon’s go- to spot for their grilled chicken salad; we often find them munching on it between their classes. It’s a FHITpro favorite!

Sweet FHIX:
FHITpro Simon is a true devotee to Jacques Torres Chocolate. He always orders the Mudslide cookie(s). Want to try to make them at home? Get the recipe here. FHIT Relations Manager, Charlotte, is a big fan of their hot chocolate on a cold day!

Fashion FHIX:
Lululemon will always be one of our favorites and for good reason! Our very own Ben Wegman is a brand ambassador at the Lululemon right here on 66th Street! One of our other favorites is Olive and Bette’s. They stock plenty of graphic tees, printed leggings, a variety of jeans and cute dresses! Consider it your one stop shop!

Juice FHIX:
We can’t talk about juice shops and not include Juice Generation - Ben’s favorite! If he is going all out, he will get a kale and spirulina muffin but a true staple is the Cashew Butter Baby - it’s filling and delicious!