Published December 30, 2015

The Complete Guide to NYC's Flatiron District 


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Our FHITfam spends a lot of time around our Flatiron studio. Not only is it where we work, it’s also where we play. Naturally, many of us have gotten to know the area and picked out our favorite places to get our beauty FHIX, sweet FHIX, sports FHIX and more. To help you navigate our favorite spots, we teamed up with a local artist, Emily Romeyn, to illustrate our ‘hood!

Beauty FHIX:
Our neighbor, James Corbett, is a frequent FHIXer, and many of our clients swear by his salon for the best cuts and color. Kat, our Flatiron Location Leader with that always-perfect, long, blonde hair, gets blowouts at Ammon Carver, a new salon on 17th Street and 6th Avenue.

Sweet FHIX:
FHITpro, Ben, may have rippling abs, but don’t be fooled! He indulges in a plain glazed doughnut from Dough every Monday night before he teaches. Truth be told, no staff member at TFR can resist a Dough treat.

Juice FHIX:
We are lucky to be surrounded by some of NYC’s greatest juice and smoothie stores. Emily is a big fan of the Clean Green Protein Smoothie from Juice Press .

Fashion FHIX:
Daury is the FHITfam’s Carrie Bradshaw. His shoe closet is a little bit crazy, but a whole lot of awesome. He frequents the 5th Avenue Nike store.

Sports FHIX:
Ainsworth Park on 18th Street is Amanda’s favorite place to watch sports games because the crowds are large and the TVs are even larger.

Healthy Eats:
For the most part, our FHIT Relations Managers eat clean meals, and there are plenty of places in the area that help them do that. A lot of the staff has fallen in love with the Superfood Salad from Terri, a vegan to-go restaurant on 23rd Street.