Published November 13, 2015

power. strength. love. mom. - Farrah



We celebrate FHIT moms all year long at The Fhitting Room, but in honor of Mother’s day, we are spotlighting some of our amazing pre- and post-natal “MotherFHIXers” on our blog this week.  What’s a “Mother FHIXer?”

motherFHIXer  [muhth–er fik-ser]  noun: the epitome of strength, endurance and power. source of unconditional love.

Our next “MotherFHIXer,” Farrah, is a FHIT mom who started coming to TFR after her first daughter, Penelope was born to shed those last few pounds and gain that muscle she didn't know she was missing.  Now, pregnant with baby #2 on the way, Farrah is feeling FHIT and strong!

Did you start coming to TFR pre/post baby?
My husband and I recently started exploring some of the new high-intensity training classes around the city and TFR quickly became my favorite. I started coming to TFR after I had my first baby, Penelope. Getting my FHIX changed my body.  18 months after Penelope’s birth I struggled with those last 8 pounds, but that changed after I started getting my FHIX.

How has getting your FHIX helped make your pregnancy easier?
It definitely helps my energy level. Even if I go into class at the end of my own 8-hour day exhausted, I feel brand new after class. I'm sure it helps with my lower back pain as well and is making me stronger and more able to handle the extra weight.

How has getting your FHIX post baby helped to change your body?
Since adding TFR to my exercise routine, my body has changed a lot. I'm so much stronger, leaner and have more stamina for lots of different things. I'm hoping that coming out of this second pregnancy I will bounce back quicker and feel prepared to take care of two kids!

How often do you get your FHIX?
Along with yoga & spinning, I try to work it in two times a week. I'm sure I will amp it up after I give birth so I can get back into "fighting form".

What’s your favorite exercise move we do at TFR and why?
My favorite is box jumps. I was so nervous to do them and never thought I'd ever be able to, but between TFR making me stronger and Eric helping build up my confidence, I did it! They're so much fun!

Did you feel like you still got a full workout when you worked out while pregnant?
Yes definitely - I'm just as sore as pre-pregnancy!

What kind of modifications did you do?
I honestly have to modify just about everything from ab exercises to burpees, but it's still a lot more than I thought I could do.

Any tips you have learned along the way for new moms looking for a new workout?
You can do whatever you did before you got pregnant. I would try to keep as active as possible with the go-ahead from your doctor-and the amazing instructors at TFR!  So many of the instructors are certified in pre/post-natal so I always feel confident with the modifications they give.

How else has getting your FHIX changed you (ie- not necessarily physical)?
I feel more inclined to try things that would normally make me nervous, or that would make me think "I can't do that".  Again, I think it’s due to the workout but even more so the amazing instructors.

What first brought you to TFR?
I was looking to amp up & vary my exercise routine. I wanted my pre-baby body back & actually wound up in better shape than