Published April 8, 2019

Meet the Woman Who Took a HIIT Class On Her Due Date


Rachel had been coming to Fhitting Room for three years before she found out she was pregnant with her third child. With her doctor’s blessing, she continued working out throughout her pregnancy and even came in for a FHIX on her due date! Read on to discover how Rachel kept up with her fitness routine throughout her pregnancy, with the help of our pre- and post-natal certified trainers.

Rachel’s dedication to her weekly FHIX, and her desire to act as a role model for her children, landed this Supermom a spot as our FHITspiration of the month!

If you’re considering working out during your pregnancy, always be sure to consult your doctor before starting or continuing any routine.

How long have you been coming to Fhitting Room?

It’s been a little over three years now. My husband and I were looking for a good exercise class to do together, and my friend, who has never taken a class here herself (despite my attempts to convince her to join me), told us she heard good things about Fhitting Room. With the exception of vacations sprinkled here and there, I’ve been coming basically every week since then.

What keeps you coming back?

Prior to Fhitting Room, I had probably taken a total of five formal exercise classes in my life! When I started Fhitting Room, I was looking for an exercise class to help me lose some weight after my first child and to help me incorporate exercise into my lifestyle. The workout at Fhitting Room was never boring, the instructors were, without fail, dynamic and engaging, and I always left the class feeling amazing. Since starting Fhitting Room, I’ve tried other exercise classes (both HIIT and others), and I always found myself getting bored with the exercise routine in the middle, or found myself uninspired by the instructors.

What was your first FHIX like? (If you can remember it!)

I’m laughing at this question because my first FHIX was hard to forget. My husband and I had, for the most part, never really taken formal exercise classes before our first FHIX. We took the Fhitting Room class with Dennys and Eric, and they were so enthusiastic and engaging BUT at some point during the routine, my husband, who is generally athletic but hadn’t exercised in years, overdid it and had to leave the room and lay down. He told me afterwards that he almost fainted outside, and that whoever was working the front desk at the time had to give him glucose packs to rehydrate him. When we came back the following week to Eric and Dennys’ class, they were so happy to see my husband returning… I think they thought he had been scared off for good.

How did your fitness routine change when you found out you were pregnant?

When I got pregnant with my second child, I had already been coming to Fhitting Room for a little while. I checked with my doctor that I could still exercise, and given that I was thankfully having a safe and healthy pregnancy, he gave me the ok to continue working out, with a few things to keep in mind.


Once I told any instructor that I was pregnant, they’d make modifications whenever we got to a point in the program that required it, and for my “regular” classes when the instructors knew to expect me, they’d even come up to me in the beginning of class and tell me what I’d be modifying throughout the class.

How did regular FHIXes aid in your pregnancy?
During my first pregnancy, I barely worked out and had, while safe and healthy, a very difficult pregnancy. I had extreme pelvic pain, where I couldn’t stand, sit, or lay in certain positions, and for the final four months of pregnancy, I also had EXTREME swelling to the point where my ankles and legs were totally unrecognizable, and I was wearing flip flops in December because no other shoes fit.  I was in constant pain and/or discomfort. I even remember my OBGYN at the time saying that it seemed like this was just how my body responded to pregnancies, and that I should expect this with every subsequent pregnancy. With the last two pregnancies though, both while exercising at Fhitting Room, I had a completely different experience! I had almost no swelling until my final month (when no one can avoid the swelling!) and my aches and pains were alleviated to a much more manageable level. I sound like an ad for Fhitting Room, but it really made my pregnancy symptoms SO much more manageable. I also think the exercise helped my body recover more quickly postpartum.

What kept you coming back to Fhitting Room throughout your pregnancy?
The instructors and Fhitting Room staff were my biggest supporters and fans. I’ve seen plenty of pregnant women come to exercise at Fhitting Room, but the instructors and Fhitting Room staff made me feel like I was this unique superhero for exercising (I’m sure they make each pregnant woman feel like this!) They were beyond accommodating and encouraging and did whatever was necessary to facilitate the best workout for me at each stage of pregnancy.

You took class with us just a few hours before you went into labor. Can you describe that experience?

Ha, yes, that was pretty surreal. I was sure I was going to be overdue (as I had been in previous pregnancies) and a Fhitting Room class during my last pregnancy after my due date didn’t help to speed the process up, so I didn’t think twice about taking a class on my due date this time around. I was even convinced I’d be coming back later that week and almost booked my Thursday class. Once I got home, it took me a while to convince myself I was actually in labor, but eventually I admitted to myself this was happening, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

Rachel Deutch

What keeps you moving?
I love the way I feel after Fhitting Room classes. I feel stronger and healthier. I want to be a role model for my kids and exemplify a lifestyle where exercise is part of a regular schedule.

What advice would you give to other women who want to continue working out throughout their pregnancies?
I guess I’d tell pregnant women not to underestimate what they’re capable of during pregnancy! If they’ve been exercising regularly prior to pregnancy, and have their doctor’s permission, they shouldn’t assume their bodies can’t handle something like Fhitting Room.