Published November 14, 2015

How You Can Go GREEN + Reduce Plastic Waste


We’ve been HITting it hard for over 2 ½  years now. In that time we’ve torched countless calories, broken through fitness plateaus, and shed insecurities. But there’s one thing that keeps growing - aside from our muscles - and that’s our plastic waste.


The Fhitting Room has given out hundreds of thousands of water bottles to its FHIXers since we swung open our doors in March 2013. While this number is huge, it’s only a tiny percent of the 3.8 billion bottles that the U.S. will put in landfills this year. It’s time to shrink our ecological footprint on the planet and go even more GREEN!

Help us go more GREEN by using reusable water bottles!

Starting on Monday, October 12th we will begin selling LIVEFHIT Camelbak water bottles for $15 at all of our studios. They are available in our signature green and grey, so you can match your hydration container to your favorite FHIT color! Want to see what they look like? Check them out on our Instagram here. Now that we have a permanent FHIX to minimize our plastic waste, bottled spring water will no longer be complimentary…sorry, but it’s the right thing to do. In an effort to discourage waste, bottled water will be available to purchase for $2 a bottle at the front desk.

We love our planet as much as we love our FHIXers, and we hope you choose to go GREEN with us!