Published May 25, 2017

Fitness Inspiration: How Noelle Fischer Used the Gym to Heal Heartbreak


Meet Noelle, this 6 AM FHIXer loves to start her day with a hard HITting class before heading to work. In her post, she shares how she first found Fhitting Room, thanks to her FHIT sister, Danielle, and why each class is therapeutic for her.

What brought you to Fhitting Room?
After a breakup, I found myself back at the gym “working out.” My routine was not terribly motivating, and I had the wrong goal: to look good for other people.

My older sister, Danielle, who is a huge influence in my life, constantly tried to give me advice on the advantages of a clean lifestyle and finding the right workout (which meant weekly reminders of how awesome Fhitting Room is) and also sticking to it!

As any younger sister would do, I ignored all advice and kept my normal gym routine, eating habits, drinking and yes, even smoking.

Never to be proved wrong, Danielle bought me the intro package and challenged me NOT to like the class.

Were you an athlete before (HS, college, recreationally)?
Ah, reliving my glory days… playing sports was a big part of my childhood, whether it was elementary gymnastic classes, tennis camp, varsity soccer, track & field or volleyball. I was active all year round, always participating in some sort of competitive game.

What keeps you coming back to Fhitting Room?
I love so many things about Fhitting Room! I’ll start with the ever-evolving programs. When I heard the program changed every day, it was almost hard to believe. Coming from a luxury gym where I took classes that never changed, I was not optimistic about having a unique experience…closing in on 400 classes later, not one has been the same!

Then there’s the instructors and all of the FHIT family. The compassion, dedication, motivation and energy they provide in and out of class are so inspiring.

Tell us about your job and your life outside Fhitting Room. How does getting your FHIX affect your life besides as an outlet for exercise?
I currently work at Macy’s as the Director of Storewide/Sitewide & New Business Initiatives within the Project Management/Marketing Operation Department. I’ve been with the company since 2011 and can honestly say my most successful years have been when I’ve started my mornings at Fhitting Room. Outside of my professional life I love to love explore the city, especially new restaurants! I also manage my cat’s Instagram account @thekittythecat J

You're usually a 6 AM regular. What keeps you motivated? Has your motivation changed?
Starting off my mornings at the studio is so therapeutic! I am able to start off the day focusing on myself, which really keeps me charged throughout the day. People get so consumed with going to work and either going out after or going straight home that there is little time in the day where it is solely about you. 6 AM allows me to begin the day feeling positive and motivated. Oh, and my team definitely notices the days when I don’t start the morning off with a FHIX. 

People see you and are inspired by your performance in each class. How does that make you feel?
Definitely flattered! But I feel like everyone who takes the class is an inspiration. Being in this type of environment provides a healthy competition that encourages you to push yourself and be pushed by others around you. I am a product of the trainers; they push me to challenge myself, and I even got the nod to join the FHIXtreme classes.

Who are your favorite instructor combinations?
Not a fair question! Each instructor brings something unique and fun to class to keep everyone motivated!

What are your favorite and least favorite moves in class?
I have a love-hate relationship with most of the moves. I still remember when the Assault Bikes were introduced to the Flatiron location; those give a serious workout but man, am I winded afterwards! My favorite moves are new ones! I love when the instructors introduce movements for the first time; it gives me a new challenge!

What have you noticed is your biggest improvement?
Commitment & Confidence.

I am committed to a healthier lifestyle.
I have altered my eating habits, reduced dairy and gluten in my diet.
I have not had a cigarette since September 6, 2015.
I incorporate exercise daily, even if that is taking one day off at the gym and taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work or at home.

I am more confident than ever! I used to wear clothing to hide my body. My body shape has dramatically changed because of the commitment and consistency of a healthy lifestyle. I’m more confident working out at the gym too - taking everything I’ve learned from classes at Fhitting Room and applying it to equipment and weights that I was always too nervous to try on my own.

Do you have any advice for future FHIXers?
Take the advice from the instructors. Listen to their tutorials before each set. Also, if you have an injury of any degree, tell them! Each instructor is so helpful with giving modifications or alternative exercises. Early on I was focused on the wrong goals and that showed in my form. I listened to the instructions but did not really apply them to my moves. I remember on one occasion, after class ended, Ben asked me to come back in the studio and perfect my burpee with him: feet go on the outside of the hands!