Published January 28, 2016

FHITspiration: Jenn Dixon

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Jennifer Dixon is a hard-HITting FHIXer who has worked her @ss off, and then some, to get where she is today. Read more about Jenn’s FHITness story below.

What does a typical week of workouts look like for you?
Monday is my rest day. Every now and then I’ll do a barre class on Monday, but usually I rest. On Tuesdays I take Eric and Jason at The Fhitting Room, on Wednesdays I spin, on Thursdays I take Carlos and Daury’s class, and on Fridays I spin again. On either Saturday or Sunday I’ll double-up and take class at The Fhitting Room and then go to a spin class.

When did you begin incorporating The Fhitting Room into your workout routine?
I started training at The Fhitting Room in April 2015. Prior to that I spun and took a boot camp class twice a week. As soon as I took my first TFR class I knew I’d be back. I like things that push me and group classes because the people motivate me. Even though The Fhitting Room is a class environment, I feel like I get the attention of a one-on-one training session.

What was your first FHIX like?
I went to my first Fhitting Room class alone, but I was OK with that. I signed up for Daury’s class and then googled him. When I saw pictures I thought to myself “damn… I don’t know about this anymore!” I showed my co-workers and everyone asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this, but I knew I did. Daury’s yelling was intimidating at first, but he’s just a big teddy bear. Now, I hate missing Daury and Carlos’ Thursday night class. I was sick one Thursday and dying over the fact that I couldn’t go!

Now, after months of getting your FHIX, how do you feel after a class?
Let’s be honest, instructors make a hell of a difference! I come out feeling good after every class because Daury, Eric, Carlos and Jason all give me corrections and support. One day Jason pulled me aside after class just to correct my form on a sit-up. That’s the best part about these guys; they really care. I have never been to a studio where the atmosphere is as friendly and supportive as the The Fhitting Room. Now that I’m a regular, I like to take what I’ve learned and pass it on. The other week I helped a newbie out during the circuit, and I loved that feeling.

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What was one of your best ‘aha!’ moments at TFR? 
I do things at The Fhitting Room that I’ve never done before or even pictured myself doing. I couldn’t do a box jump, and one Thursday Carlos said to me “you have to get over your fear.” The following Tuesday we had box jumps in the program. I was doing step-ups, and Jason said “no, you’re going to do a box jump!” I heard him, and I kept hearing Carlos in my head, so I did it. Now I do an 18” box jump. I’m not that good at them, and I can’t do that many, but I CAN do them!

One week I told Eric “I practiced burpees at home, we better do them in class!” and he changed up the program a little per my special request.

What are your favorite and least favorite things to see written on the whiteboard when you walk in for class?
My favorite is rowing. I used to take row-specific classes. I just love it. As for my least favorite… I honestly don’t have one! It might be a tie between burpees and box jumps.

What changes have you noticed in your body and attitude?
This class has made me feel like I can do anything! No matter what, I can do it. I just have no doubt. I might moan and groan and ask questions, but I can do it. Now, I carry that thought with me in my day-to-day. Also, in a funny way, it’s made me a bit cocky. I’ll say to my husband “What?! You can’t do that?! I CAN DO THAT!” I’m overall a more confident and much happier person.

In regard to my body, my arms have changed dramatically. They were as big as some people’s thighs, and now they are so toned! I used to eat McDonald’s for dinner nearly every night. I would so much rather spend my money on fitness than on a heart attack. I came from almost 200 pounds, where one flight of stairs left me out of breath. Now I walk in and I know that I can knock out this class. I would have never worn the romper in these photos before I started working out at TFR.

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It’s very emotional. I can do it, and everyone at The Fhitting Room recognizes that I can do it. I don’t have a fear anymore (except those box jumps!).