Published November 12, 2015

21 Questions with Fhitting Room Trainer Simon


1. First FHIX experience? 
My first FHIX was an awesome class with Eric and Jason.  It was filled with high energy, lots of air squats and hilarious banter.

2. Who is your FHITspiration? 
Muhammad Ali.


3. Personal theme song? 
E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable.

4. Celebrity doppelgänger? 
Chris Rock on his buff day.


5. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Bazzini's Dark chocolate covered almonds.  It's the second bag that leaves me feeling guilty.

6. What is it about group fitness?
The power to impact so many people in positive way is addictive. I also can’t deny I love the platform to perform.

7. Post workout snack? 
A homemade protein shake.

8. What is your sign?  Do you read your horoscope?
Leo/Virgo, I’m on the cusp.  No I don't read. Well I read, just not horoscopes.

9. Food you can’t live without? 
Bananas. I need them for my protein shakes and oatmeal.


10. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A professional football player.

11. A perfect Sunday afternoon activity?
Riding my motorcycle, working out, and watching football.

12. Best advice you ever received?
Be yourself.

13. Most challenging exercise movement and why?
Burpees, then immediately going into Ring Muscle Ups.

14. Your biggest accomplishment?
That time I made it back alive from Panama.

15. Your favorite book? 
"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.


16. Best vacation you have ever taken? 
Thailand. Worst - Panama.

17. Favorite athlete? 
Jesse Owens for track and field. Muhammed Ali for boxing. Jerry Rice for football.  Derek Jeter for baseball. Michael Jordan for basketball.  For golf, I don’t care.

18. What is your favorite movie?

19. Who you would love to meet and have dinner with?
Barack Obama.


20. Favorite restaurant in the city? 
Catch, it’s in Meatpacking.


21. Best gift you have ever received? 
Sennheiser headphones.