Published December 8, 2016

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Diet

We deliver hard HITting FHIXes to get you FHIT for life. While tightening your belt one more notch and looking killer in that bikini come summertime are positive benefits, our main motivation for working out is to live a more healthy life. So, if we workout and eat well in both summer and winter months, why is it then, that so many of us see weight gain in the colder times of the year?

There is no definitive answer, but research suggests several potential culprits. We’ve elaborated on a few possibilities below and suggested a FHIX for each. 

THE CULPRIT: COMFORT FOODS - As the weather drops, we are likely to reach for something warm to eat to heat us up. Those fresh chopped salads you devoured for lunch all summer aren’t likely to deliver the warmth you crave and are traded for ooey-gooey cheesy sandwiches on ciabatta. Summer beverages like juice and coconut water are traded for things like hot chocolate and hot toddies.  

THE FHIX: Create a winter salad. Fresh greens topped with nuts, roasted veggies and warm grains makes for a super satisfying and clean meal. There are plenty of nutritious - and satisfying - winter meals. Do a little meal prep and cook up a big batch of healthy meals. Divide into single-meal portions and voila - you’re saving time and money and not feeling guilty.


THE CULPRIT: HOLIDAYS - With holiday season come parties, and with parties come endless buffet tables and cocktails. Those tables unfortunately are not usually stacked with trays of clean eats; and over-indulging can be nearly inevitable - especially if you show up to parties hungry.

THE FHIX: We know we may sound like a wet rag, but eat a healthy meal at home before going out. You’ll fill up beforehand on nutritious eats, and if there’s anything you absolutely can’t resist, you’ll only have space for a treat or two instead of ten.

party table

THE CULPRIT: OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND - The winter seems like a much easier time to justify that extra sweet treat. After all it is cold outside and that hot chocolate is so warm and you’re wearing a puffy coat anyway, so no one can tell if a) you’ve unbuttoned your pants or b) you have an extra few pounds beyond what you had in the summer. That old “out of sight, out of mind” adage has never rang more true.

THE FHIX: Spend some time around the house in your skivvies. You’ll be more conscious of your body and less likely to keep abusing it with bad eats. Maybe you aren’t the type to wander around your apartment in your undies, that’s ok too. Instead of always wearing baggy sweats try to wear more fitted clothes to keep you warm. It will keep you in check over the winter months.


Even when the temperatures outside make you want to hibernate for weeks and only awaken to eat mashed potatoes or sip hot chocolate, it’s important to treat your body with the love it deserves. Nourish yourself with healthy eats and keep your muscles moving all year round for a fulfilling and FHIT life.