Published May 22, 2018

Watch These Trainers Show You How to Do a Kettlebell Halo



Let's get physical, physical. It's time for another Technique Tuesday

This month, Fhitting Room trainers Ben + Carlos are here to show YOU how to do a kettlebell halo. This exercise is a great way to warm up the shoulders before beginning a more intense kettlebell routine. The kettlebell halo can also be used as an active recovery movement in between HIIT exercises.

Read on to learn how you can perfect the kettlebell halo and work to strengthen those shoulders:

To begin the move, start with the kettlebell bottom-side up so the bottom of the bell is facing your head. Make sure to hold the bell close to your chest.

To avoid injury, make sure you are NOT holding the kettlebell by the horns. 

Watch how Carlos performs the move in real time. Notice how, keeping the move controlled, he traces the kettlebell around the base of his skull. At the back of the move, the kettlebell disappears completely behind Carlos' head. He returns the bell back to his chest, then reverses direction before beginning the move again. Carlos keeps his core, hips, and glutes engaged throughout the move to remain in control of the kettlebell. Try performing this move in front of a mirror to ensure you are maintaining proper form.

Want to see more from Ben + Carlos? Book a class with these Fhitting Room trainers to see them in action.