Published June 19, 2018

These Trainers Are Here to Show You Proper Rowing Technique


It's time for another Technique Tuesday, and this month, Fhitting Room trainers Daury + Eric are showing you the secrets to proper rowing technique so you know how to row before your next HIIT class.

Rowing is a full-body move that works the legs, arms, and core. Make sure to maintain proper form so you can get the full benefits of this exercise and avoid injury.

Watch below to learn how to row, row, row:

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To ensure you're starting out the movement correctly, make sure your shins are vertical, your hips are positioned behind your shoulders, your chest is tall and proud, and your shoulders are down and back.

To protect your back (and avoid looking like a hot mess), make sure you're not starting with your hips too close to your heels like Eric is here.

Notice how Eric performs the move in real time. When pushing back, he begins the movement with his legs, then uses his core to push his back, then ends by pulling the handle with his arms. Moving forward, Eric begins with his back, then uses his arms, and finally his legs to move himself forward. Make sure you maintain a steady tempo throughout the movement.

Row with a 2:1 time ratio so that you are driving for 1 second and recovering in starting position for 2 seconds. Notice how Eric hinges his chest over his hips while moving from an 11 o'clock position forward, to a 1 o'clock position when pulling back. To avoid injury, ensure you are working with proper form before you begin to time your movements.


Ready to learn more from Daury + Eric? Catch them teaching at Fhitting Room's Upper East Side studio every Wednesday at 8:30am.