Published November 28, 2019

Thanks for Being a Part of Our FHITfam

Dear FHIXers,

With new fitness studios popping up on nearly every block and infinite access to streaming workouts of every kind, I’m honored, grateful and humbled each time you choose to get your FHIX at Fhitting Room. You greet, motivate and support each other, sometimes quietly, sometimes with gusto. Collectively, I’ve seen you endure loss, welcome babies, battle cancer, meet soulmates, overcome hardship, form friendships, discover new careers, crush goals, get knocked down, and stand right back up again. Strength, talent, generosity and spirit are abundant in our FHIT community. From day one, our FHITpros filled our studios with love, not just instruction, and you followed their lead.

Seven years ago, when I asked Eric to be the head trainer (later, El Capitán) for my “gym idea,” he was a full time Master Trainer at a busy NYSC with a full client roster, a wildly popular class, the creator of a small group training platform, and pretty much as in-demand as a trainer can be. Yet, he had only one question for me, “Why are you doing this?” My answer was simple, “I think it will make me happy.”

Each day since, my mission has been to make Fhitting Room a happy place for all, and today, I want to thank you, FHIXers and FHITfam, who make Fhitting Room a happy place, not just for me, but for many.


2019 team photo from our annual FHIT Thanksgiving Party

So, in addition to applauding you through FHITspiration stories, look for new FHITpreneur stories to debut in 2020; so many of you have created incredible businesses of your own, and we want to be first in line to support you. In December, we are introducing a column, From the 💚, which will feature personal content from a different member of our FHITfam each month.  

As I close out this letter of thanks, I wanted to share a few excerpts from an email I sent to Fhitting Room team members Thanksgiving 2013, the first one we celebrated as a FHIT family. We had been open for 9 months; 7 years later, I feel all the same feels.  

…I work with some of the most inspiring, creative, talented, funny, magnetic, caring and FHIT people I have ever met. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to spending my days with each of you. In fact, it doesn't feel like work at all.

…Everything each one of you does each day helps build and shape our brand and what it means to others. You are the creators and guardians of it; keep loving it and protecting it. 

…We are changing people's lives! In the past week, I received several emails from clients telling me how much The Fhitting Room has positively impacted them. From weight loss successes to clients who never had confidence working out to those who ran but were intimidated by weights to those that simply feel a confidence never felt before, we are making a difference to many.

…The Fhitting Room has given me an amazing outlet to work hard and play hard; two things I love.

…There really is no "I" in team. Without you there would be no Fhitting Room, and even if there was, I wouldn't want to spend time there.

…Your belief/faith in me…when there was so much to question, for example, "what does a Pepsi brand manager know about running fitness studio?" each one of you found something to believe in and leave other opportunities behind to become part of The Fhitting Room. That alone is enough for me to be thankful for!

To all of you (still) reading, thank you for continuing to make Fhitting Room part of your life. I encourage you to continue sharing your goals, challenges, accomplishments and feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving!