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Published June 18, 2021

How To Maintain a Strong Dad Bod


Your fave FHITdads (aka Carlos, Eric, and Farouk) are sharing their best tips on how to build and maintain a strong dad bod. From FHITgames to quality advice, they’re dropping all their knowledge so you can stay strong + healthy!


Carlos’ Fun FHITgame + Recommended Reads:















Play “52 Pick Up”:

Copy of Copy of “52 Pick Up” Pick any movement for the suits, ie Heart=push-ups Diamonds=squats Spades=sit-ups Clubs=bicycles (double count) You do the reps on the card (Jack=11, Queen=12, King =13) Ace=15 jump squat


Eric’s Tips for a strong mind and body:














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Farouk’s Motivational Tricks:

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Who’s ready to get a strong Dad Bod? Book your next FHIX so you can live FHIT now and for years to come.