Published July 31, 2018

Learn How to Do a Dumbbell Push Press

DUmbbell Push Press

For this month's Technique Tuesday, Fhitting Room trainers Kendall and Farouk show us how to properly perform a dumbbell push press. 

This compound exercise targets the shoulders and triceps, while increasing strength throughout the entire body. Maintaining proper form is vital to prevent injury, so learn how to press from the pros before you give this move a go:

Start in the front rack position with the dumbbells resting above your shoulders. Your wrists should be flat, your core should be tight, and feet should be kept shoulder-width apart.

To begin the movement, your knees should go out, your butt should go back, and your weight should rest back in your heels. Imagine a wall behind you; your body should remain upright so your back is right up against the wall.

To avoid injury, make sure your knees don't shift so far forward that your weight is pushed into your toes. You should also avoid dipping down into a full squat position. The movement should initiate with a quarter squat.

From the proper dip position, press the dumbbells overhead, keeping your core tight, legs tight, and extending your arms fully at the top of the move. Your biceps should end next to your ears.

Make sure you're not pressing the dumbbells out in front of you at the top. This could lead to hyperextension in your lower back and result in injury. Additionally, make sure you extend your arms fully at the top of the move. Your elbows should not be bent. The movement should remain controlled rather than quick.

Watch how Farouk completes the dumbbell push press in real time. He pushes his weight back in his heels, extends his arms fully so his biceps end next to his ears to complete a full lockout. He breathes steadily, exhaling at the top of the movement to control his reps.

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Want to try this move IRL? Take class with Kendall and Farouk at Fhitting Room on New York's Upper East Side.