Published March 13, 2016

How 8 Trainers Stay Fit on Vacation





Our FHITpros lead busy lives. They wake up early, go to bed late, teach numerous classes, train several clients throughout the day and make time for their own workouts and social lives. However, every now and then, they find some time to travel and relax. We asked our FHITpros how they continue to #liveFHIT even while they are on vacation.

Do you bring any workout equipment with you while you travel?Eric: I bring my jump rope, oly shoes and running shoes.

Carlos: Generally, no. There are so many body weight workouts I can do while traveling. However, I will pack a lacrosse ball for mobility work.

Amanda: On our 2-week honeymoon trip to Europe, Pablo and I brought our Jungle Gym straps and worked out several times using the straps and our own body weight.
Amanda is always sure to add FHIT activities to her trips.

Simon: A jump rope. It’s light-weight and provides great cardio.

Do you squeeze in a workout in the hotel gym? 
Farouk: If I am on vacation, I want to be in the sun! So I’ll either workout outside or drop in at a local gym or studio. I’ll be sure to get a workout in so I can indulge in a good meal later.

Dennys: I make it a point to get a workout in daily. It starts my day off right. Remember, it's a lifestyle for me.

Julia: I try to be active while traveling. Depending on where I am, I’ll hike, ski, swim, etc.

Dara: I do my best! Traveling with a family makes sneaking away to the gym challenging, but my vacations are pretty active whether I get to the gym or not.

Do you bring prepared meals on a trip?
Eric: I don’t bring pre-made meals when I go away, that’s lame! :P.

Carlos: If I am training for a competition, then yes. Otherwise, hell no!

carlos pic
Carlos getting his FHITness on, vacay-style!

Dara: I do travel with snacks for the plane, but I don't bring prepared meals. I eat pretty clean throughout the year, so I approach vacation with a relaxed attitude toward food (and drinks!). Still, I avoid fried foods, heavy sauces and the buffet!

Amanda: If I bring any food along it’s packaged like raw nuts and granola bars just in case I get really hungry. My flying staple is 1 Liter of Smart Water... hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And I never drink alcohol on a flight.

Any other advice to make sure you're eating right/staying FHIT while away?
Farouk: My policy while I’m on vacation is to make sure relaxation comes first and a tabata comes second. Oh snap!

Eric: I like to stay in a routine when it comes to eating while I'm away, but it is vacation so I tend to splurge as well. It's all about balance. As for staying FHIT, I stay active. Get out and walk or participate in some kind of sport. A game of volleyball, basketball, or physical activities like snowboarding, skiing, hiking, surfing or biking are all great. I can't just sit on a beach all day and drink Mai Tais. I need to move! 

image1 (1)
Eric's vacation splurge meal

Eric's vacation workout, the morning after his filet mignon dinner

Carlos: We often take on a "YOLO" (you only live once) mentality when we travel and then regret our decisions when we return. Of course you want to enjoy yourself and take in the sights, sounds and tastes of your travels, but like with most things, its best to do it in moderation. Maintain some semblance of FHIT activities (walking, hiking, recreational sports, etc) so that you can have a fun trip without sacrificing your FHITness.

Julia: Enjoy the food where you are visiting, but don't overdo it. Don't take leftovers back to your hotel or home. The good thing about eating out is once they've cleared your plate you're done! Look for workout classes in the area or find activities that you can do with your travel buddies to stay active!

Dennys: Commit to your regimen as a lifestyle, not just for when you’re home. More importantly, if you do not have a gym in your hotel, look at our #goFHIXes and squeeze in a 20 or 30 minute #FHIX. #liveFHIT.

Dara: While I am more relaxed about eating and drinking, I don't look at vacation as an excuse to go crazy! I always look for a local shop, store or market and keep healthier snack options in my room, like fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc. Whereas I used to drink piña coladas with reckless abandon, now I opt for a lighter drink like vodka or tequila and soda with lots of fresh lime juice!

Simon: I'm always pretty active on my vacations so I don't worry about what I eat. I just keep moving.