Published November 10, 2015

Here's How Our Instructors Plan to Get Even More Fit in 2014









They’re our fitness role models and we all strive to be as strong, toned, disciplined and FHIT as they are. Our New Year’s resolutions might even be to achieve a level of fitness comparable to that of these pros. However, believe it or not, even if we didn’t think it possible, The Fhitting Room instructors are never satisfied. Just like so many of us, these instructors have their own individual New Year’s resolutions to help them live more FHIT in 2014 than ever before. Here’s a rare look into the personal fitness journey of each individual Fhitting Room instructor and how they plan to challenge themselves in 2014!

“In 2014 I want to become a better instructor. By studying more about form and technique, and educating myself on fresh exercises that can be added to programs at TFR, I hope to bring a new variety of routines for the new year.
I also want to try taking more of the other TFR instructor’s classes, both at TFR and at the other studios where they teach. This will allow me to increase my network, learn from my peers and I’ll also beneFHIT by getting into better shape. I’m so used to weight training, so Jason’s spin class at Revolve, or Eric’s workouts at CrossFit Metropolis will definitely help me redefine my stamina and other important FHITness elements.”

“I want to source the best and the most FHIT trainers to help lead dynamic classes at TFR. By the end of 2014, I want to have at least 4 new TFR locations in the works. My goal in 2014 is for TFR to be the highly regarded standard and staple of small group High Intensity Training in the New York area and beyond.”

“In 2014, one specific goal I’m working towards is being able to hold the scorpion pose for 30 seconds (or more!). Accomplishing a more specific and isolated goal such as this (there are many other similar goals), will help me achieve my ultimate goal: to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine!”

“My 2014 FHITness goal is to MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle. This goal requires work both inside and outside of the studio, with both exercise and diet. I will be committed to cross-training regularly (yoga, running, strength training, HIIT, and cycling) and eating nutritious foods.”

“I want to be consistent with my training in 2014. I think that’s one of the things that has held me back the most in the past. I’m going to focus on really staying turned on, not skipping workouts and not making excuses. To do this I know that staying healthy will be extremely important. I have some injuries that I’ve dealt with throughout my career, so being more consistent with my training includes maintenance and rehab. Ultimately, I want to enter more CrossFit competitions in 2014 and place in the top 3 (at least!).”

“My goal for 2014 is to become stronger. I would really love to compete in either a CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting competition. Being the competitive person that I am, I want to know that I trained my hardest so that I can do my very best. In order to get there I will follow a strength program that is designed towards achieving my goals and train with people that I know will push me to my limits each and everyday. The theme for 2014 is 3, 2, 1...GET STRONG!