Published November 12, 2015

Fhitting Room Does March Madness



Our March Madness FHIT Tourney starts on Sunday, March 1st and ends on Monday, April 6th. We will crown up to 3 FHIT champions!

•  The first to complete the Upper East Side bracket entirely
•  The first to complete the Flatiron bracket entirely
•  The champ who attends the most classes led by the FHITpros

combinations spanning the entire bracket (across both locations)

The FHIT champions will each win a complimentary 10 pack of classes

To participate, attend a class led by every FHITpro duo on one side of the bracket (either Flatiron or Upper East Side) OR attend as many classes as you can led by each FHITpro duo on the bracket overall. You can take classes in any order, but you must attend each class to win. No-shows and cancellations do not count. Whether you are FHIXing to complete the Flatiron or Upper East Side bracket, you MUST include the center duo.

If you plan on making a run for any of the prizes, please email, so we know to keep an eye on you. When you think you have successfully completed a bracket, email so we can verify your achievement (kinda like shouting “BINGO”).

All classes must be taken between March 1 and April 6. The winner of the combination bracket, aka the FHIXer who attended the most FHITduo combinations across both locations during the tournament, will be announced on April 7th.

Good luck and liveFHIT!