Published May 9, 2018

7 Innovative Workout Classes You Have to Try


Photo via ((305)) Fitness

If ‘working out’ and ‘fun’ don’t go hand-in-hand in your mind, it’s possible you just haven’t found the right class yet. Thankfully, there are a handful of studios who are working to fix that. Read on to discover 7 innovative workout classes that can help you get fit and have fun with it.

1. Dance Cardio (Live DJ Included)
With a mission to #MakeSweatSexy, ((305)) Fitness is a dance cardio studio that’s taking over the IG feeds (and feet) of dancers and non-dancers alike. The studio, which has 5 locations in 4 cities, boasts that you can have two left feet and still get a fun dance workout in. No experience necessary.

2. Hip-Hop Yoga
What’s better than practicing downward dog? Practicing downward dog to Cardi B and Migos, of course. Y7 practices vinyasa in a 60-minute format, bumping tunes included. Every class has a different musical theme, so check out their signature WeFlowHard class for an experience that is sure to get you strong and sweaty.

3. Keep It Cool
How do you stay warm in the cold? You move. That’s the basic idea behind Brrrn, a unique studio that drops the temp so you have to move to stay warm. Brrrn claims the body burns more calories in cooler temps compared to hotter temps. Take one of their three classes--yoga, cardio, or HIIT--to find out for yourself.

4. Express Yourself
The Class by Taryn Toomey will get you in touch with your mind and body, all while working up a sweat. The workout is indescribable, and the results are cathartic. The class offerings, which range from cardio to calisthenics, promise to give you a “soul-shaking” experience. If that doesn’t intrigue you, perhaps the video on their website

5. AcroYoga, Anyone? 
If group yoga classes are your thing, Om Factory takes it to the next level. Practice AcroYoga, aerial yoga, or classic vinyasa with a tight-knight community. Realize your true potential with acrobatic partner work in a safe, fun class environment.

6. 2 Trainers Are Better Than 1
Ever been in a workout class and wish the trainer had more time to focus on you? At Fhitting Room, two trainers in every Signature FHIX class combine the attention of a personal training session with the motivation and fun of a group fitness setting. If you’ve never taken a HIIT class before, have no fear. The trainers are attentive and engaged throughout the 50-minute class, so you never have to worry about whether or not you're doing a move correctly.

7. Naked Yoga (No, Really.)
Though we can’t personally vouch for this one, it had to be on the list. Naked in Motion is a new-to-NYC studio that allows you to get sweaty without the weight of those pesky workout leggings. The studio’s signature naked yoga provides a body-positive, judgement free zone for yogis to really feel... connected to their bodies.