Daury Dross
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Daury Dross


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Daury was born and raised in NYC.  As a child, he was made fun of for being overweight. By sophomore year of high school, he decided to make a change and became interested in weightlifting. He started working out at age 15 and has never looked back. Fitness is Daury’s passion and way of life. He’s an experienced personal trainer and group exercise instructor and has created content for the popular David Barton Gym “Drills” agility training class and “Fortitude” circuit training class. Daury also leads Knicks City Dancer hopefuls through a hard-core boot camp as the final test of their audition process. As an experienced instructor, he loves helping people change. His mantra is if you can change someone else's life you can change your own as well. With a deep-rooted passion for fitness, Daury lives life always looking forward. Outside the Fhitting Room he also instructs private bootcamp classes for organizations such as the NFL and the Knicks City Dancers - there's no challenge he won't accept! 

Professional Certifications:

NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, KettleBell Concepts Certified

Why do you EMBRACE HIT?

High Intensity Training targets more than your body; it is designed create mental resilience along with muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. I love that HIT workouts train people to handle challenges and adversity while delivering the body of a warrior.

What's your favorite exercise to EXPERIENCE HIT? 
Plyo box jumps. I love the way my body feels during the amortization phase (the time between taking off and landing!). This quote by Kelly Baggett, a sports performance enhancement expert, sums it up, “Think of your favorite athlete in your favorite sport and what do you see? Most likely you see smooth, quick, efficient, supple and effortless movements coupled with extreme and lightning fast displays of power. The movement efficiency of a cat coupled with the explosiveness of a bolt of lighting.
 This is the ability that separates the elite from the average. What allows this display of combined elegance and power is a strength quality known as Reactive or Plyometric ability.”

How Do You LIVE FHIT™ in everyday life?
Walking around wearing a weighted vest.

The Sessions

Our unique FHIX® workouts integrate five essential building blocks to deliver optimal results.

  • Functional Movements
  • Strength
  • High Intensity Intervals
  • Total Body
  • Highly Varied Exercises